Lifespan of Plumbing Products

The lifespan of plumbing products in and around your home, even with regular and professional maintenance, is still limited due to normal wear and tear. Thankfully, many lifespans of plumbing products have regular expirations that you can abide by to ensure your home is running smoothly.

Storage water heaters usually last about 10 to 12 years, and should be replaced so that they continue operating most efficiently. On the other hand, tankless water heaters tend to last more than 20 years. Sump pumps are most likely to fail after about 6 years, so be sure to replace them before your basement floods and it’s too late! Gas boilers can last 30 years are more, but it’s important to observe any signs of malfunctioning, like frequent breakdowns or a significant loss in efficiency. However, many boilers are replaced before their natural time is up because they need replacement parts that are no longer manufactured. Sewer lines, depending on their make and direction, can also last 30 years or more, but can fail or leak earlier due to interior corrosion and cracks. Other household items, like garbage disposals, dishwashers, and washing machines, last at least 10 years but require regular cleaning and maintenance when necessary.

Lifespan of garbage disposal


Replacing plumbing products before they fail is extremely important, which requires paying close attention to any signs of malfunctioning. Should you have any issues with your appliances, or need to know when to replace them, call Charles Diliberto’s Emergency Plumbing Services at 610 631 6900.

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