Water Heater Size: Bigger Is Not Always Better

When it comes to hot water, no one likes to be caught without enough. Unfortunately, many people believe getting the largest water heater possible is the way to go. Though it may seem luxurious to boast an 80-gallon water heater, many people have water heaters that are larger than appropriate for their home’s needs. It may even be advisable to reevaluate your water heater needs as family members move away from home.

There are many factors that go into determining the best water heater size for a home. Family size is one factor but just as important is the type of fixtures in the home. A soaker tub requires more water capacity than a shower. Six people will use more hot water than four.

A water heater that is too big takes up more space than is necessary. Oversized water heaters can also pose a health risk. Bacteria such as Legionella can thrive in tanks that do not have enough water circulation. Think stagnant water. Additionally, the water heater will require more maintenance because it is not performing its processes with the regularity it would being used to its full capacity.

The right sized water heater saves money. Sometimes, the initial investment will be lower. Fuel and energy costs are directly affected by having the appropriately sized water heater. Many manufactures no longer produce the larger residential models (75 – 80 gallon) and a 50 gallon water heater usually works just as well in their place. For energy efficiency, tankless water heaters remain the best option.

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